Apollo Adopts RMS ExposureIQ to Understand Risk Exposure Faster

Apollo Adopts RMS ExposureIQ to Understand Risk Exposure Faster 150 150 Haggie Partners
  • Apollo to strengthen exposure management practices and respond quicker to underwriter requests
  • RMS exposure management cloud application ExposureIQ makes business-wide exposure management faster and more accurate for informed decision-making

Apollo Partners LLP (Apollo), an independent specialist insurer and reinsurer, announced today that it has integrated the RMS® ExposureIQ™ application into its exposure management workflow. Apollo selected RMS, the world’s leading catastrophe risk solutions company, to enable outstanding internal exposure management processes and underwriting. This followed an extensive evaluation that demonstrated the vital support our ExposureIQ application provides to exposure and portfolio managers.

Robert Stevenson, Head of Operations at Apollo, said: “Before committing to ExposureIQ, we conducted an extensive evaluation of how the RMS exposure management tool could facilitate enhanced internal workflows and how we could better present and visualize exposure information. Our primary focus was to have a single exposure data source feeding multiple applications and not have to convert or upload exposure datasets between applications. ExposureIQ provides that capability. Our team is currently using ExposureIQ to support our frontline underwriting workflow and is providing a more agile platform to analyze current and historical events.”

ExposureIQ, the cloud-based exposure management application running on the RMS open cloud platform, RMS Risk Intelligence™, enables faster and more accurate business-wide exposure management. RMS recently announced the addition of event response and HWind data as the latest integrations to ExposureIQ. ExposureIQ, along with Risk Modeler™ and SiteIQ™, offers all access centralized exposure data allowing for efficient, fast analysis – removing the need for costly data double-entry and allowing for technology integration across different solutions.

Jason Futers, Managing Director at RMS, said: “Exposure management is key to our customers’ ability to build profitable portfolios. The ExposureIQ application was developed on our truly unified platform, Risk Intelligence, where our customers can quickly derive deeper insights and improve what are traditionally manual, repetitive activities such as event response. There are a number of stand-alone exposure tools in the market, so we’re delighted a sophisticated insurer such as Apollo has adopted the Exposure IQ application after such a thorough evaluation.”