Investing in communicators of the future

Everything we do revolves around language. We recognise that the ability to use language creatively – a skill so vital in our field – goes well beyond simply speaking it. Wordsmanship is a craft, one that simply cannot develop without the study of literacy.

We want to support those who do not have access to sufficient literacy tuition, to help to close the literacy gap and ensure that all children are being given the tools they need to achieve their potential. This was how our partnership with The Children’s Literacy Charity began.

The Children’s Literacy Charity

Established by a group of former teachers who recognised an overwhelming need for additional literacy support in local schools, the charity provides high-quality, one-to-one literacy interventions for disadvantaged children who are at risk of being left behind.

Our support

We get involved in regular fundraising activities and all proceeds raised go directly to The Children’s Literacy Charity. Events so far include a 200-metre abseil down the iconic Cheesegrater building in London, a 100-mile static cycle from our office in Cornhill to Calais and a half marathon across the city of London.

We also regularly visit local schools to witness first-hand the impact that The Children’s Literacy Charity is having on the students they support. We spend time reading with the children and keep in touch with them via a pen pal scheme, enabling us to see how their literacy skills are improving.

Our partnership with The Children’s Literacy Charity is more than a simple fundraising activity or school visit every now and again. Literacy is a fundamental skill and this exceptional charity reflects the principles of our business; we are investing in the outstanding communicators of the future.