Life at Haggie Partners

We think Haggie is a creative, inspiring, and fun place to work. We work hard. We think a lot about what we want to achieve and how to do it. We share our anxieties, our successes and our ideas. It makes for a warm, involving, open, and caring environment and  crucially, we are underpinned by an enormous amount of mutual respect.

We laugh a lot. Since we spend a large proportion of our lives together, it’s important to share the funny stuff. So we crack on, get the work done, and have fun while we do it. Team events in the past have included a bowling night, a few 5k ‘fun’ runs, a couple of sporty sweepstakes, varying degrees of success with the Lottery, choccy ‘tashes during Movember, a vintage tea party send-off, some Easter egg hunt shenanigans, and of course tons of Christmas and Summer dinners.

Between the laughs, we provide our clients with an exceptional service by delivering the goods. Team members in all stages of their careers are constantly challenged, whether to dream up the perfect big idea for a new business pitch, gently encourage a journalist to see our client’s point of view, or research and write a magazine article which proves insightful even to experts. We are good at what we do, and we love it.