Our values


We are advisers – without knowledge we cannot advise.We have considerable knowledge of our clients, their businesses and their markets, and unrivalled knowledge of the media. Our knowledge vault is incredibly powerful. It is one of the reasons we are preeminent in our field. But we are never afraid to ask questions or simply to listen. We read widely and are inquisitive because without knowledge we do not have a business.


We ask our clients to “think about things differently” and that’s exactly what we do as we search for better ways to explain our clients to the outside world. We think deeply and then we think again. We always look for a new way, a better way, to resolve their issues. We bring fresh perspectives – perhaps unorthodox perspectives – to our work. Creativity is not just talent; it is attitude.


Honesty is about what we say; integrity is about how we behave. Integrity means doing the right thing in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching, no matter what the consequences. Every person who trusts us will spread the word of that trust. The value of the trust others have in us is far beyond anything that can be measured. Success may come and go, but integrity is forever.


Just like a restauranteur, we want to be awarded five stars for everything we do, and we do lots of things for our clients – but they fall into two categories: advice and service. We are here to give counsel, but good counsel is only part of the story: our work must be executed well. We repeatedly ask ourselves whether the people we’re working with would give us five stars both for advice and service. We want to ensure that every client becomes an advocate.