Communicate: The Haggie Partners Podcast

Welcome to the Haggie Partners Podcast, ‘Communicate’ which explores issues, developments and trends in the communications sector. Each episode focuses on a topic impacting the communications industry and we discuss the effect it’s having and what we can learn from it.

April 2021

In our fourth episode, Elise Harvey and Shipra Khanna discuss the key aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), from what it is and why it matters, to how it ties in with your company’s approach.

August 2020

In our third episode we sit down with Gavin Warren, design director at Haggie Partners about why you need to consider branding as part of your communications strategy.

June 2020

In our second episode, we speak to two of our directors Becky Young and Caroline Klein about the challenges posed to businesses by a potential return to the office in the coming months and the role that communicators can play in supporting this transition.

May 2020

In our inaugural episode, we chat with one of our partners, Damian Beeley, about the unprecedented challenges the communications industry is facing as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, how this crisis has impacted communications, and what lessons communication teams can take forwards.