Media training

We offer media training both at entry and more in-depth levels, with programmes tailored to our clients’ needs. For many clients, who speak mainly to knowledgeable sector specific press, a high-level overview of corporate PR and dealing with the media is precisely what is needed.

These sessions help participants to understand how they can use PR to build and support their profile, providing participants with an understanding of what a reporter/journalist is looking for in a story, helping them to understand the unspoken rules of journalism, learning key communication techniques, making the psychological jump and building their confidence.

Ideally, these sessions are run in person but can also be offered virtually.

More in-depth sessions, using television cameras and play back interviews can also be arranged where needed.

Social media training

As part of our wider social media service, we offer sessions to train and mentor our clients’ senior management and team members. We support you to improve social media integration and usage and educate your team on best practices.

Presentation training

Our presentation trainer has more years of experience than he might like us to admit in presenting and skills training. Through our presentation training, participants will learn, apply and practise proven ways of energising and engaging an audience, understanding how to play to their individual strengths and exceed their expectations.

Depending on the client’s need, we will create a bespoke approach that helps to ensure that they are comfortable, confident and well prepared when it comes to their turn in the spotlight – whether that is a solo speech, industry panel discussion, internal town hall meeting, or addressing audiences online.