Whitespace Software: an established voice, not a disruptor

Whitespace Software: an established voice, not a disruptor 1100 534 Haggie Partners

Whitespace Software is an industry leading provider of digital placing technology to the insurance market. In August 2019, it launched the Whitespace Platform, which is now one of only two trading platforms authorised for unlimited use at Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading insurance market. In July 2020, Whitespace Software asked Haggie Partners to assist them in raising its profile, showcasing that it is not a disruptor but rather establishing itself as part of the market.


Well-liked by both brokers and carriers, the Whitespace Platform is known to be an intuitive, transparent and efficient tool. The key challenges faced were a lack of visibility in the trade press compared to other platforms and a wrongful impression that the Whitespace Platform was focused solely on the London market.

In order to gauge Whitespace’s share of voice, Haggie Partners conducted a media audit. Findings revealed that, despite positive coverage, Whitespace was receiving fewer mentions than its peers and was rarely the focal point of articles. Using this data, Haggie Partners created a comprehensive action plan, focusing on relevant publications and media contacts in key geographies, facilitating introductions, interviews and other media opportunities to better promote Whitespace’s offering.

In the first three months of the campaign, Whitespace’s share of voice rose from ~10% to 33% in the primary trade media and has remained at ~30% since. Whitespace has also seen an increase in focused articles and a decrease in mentions of competitors.

In addition to media engagement, Haggie Partners has helped Whitespace formalise its vision through messaging discussions and assisted in the writing of case studies demonstrating the versatility, capabilities and future possibilities of the Whitespace Platform. Haggie Partners also provided advice and support in navigating unexpected disruptions that inevitably arise for any organisation.

With Haggie Partners’ assistance and through carefully considered thought leadership, Whitespace Software has successfully raised its profile with the trade media, cementing its reputation as an established figure in the sector and firmly positioning its chief platform officer as a respected commentator. Whitespace has seen rapid growth over the past year and was acquired by Sequel, a Verisk company, in March 2021. Haggie Partners continues to support the Whitespace team through this exciting new stage in the company’s development.

“The team at Haggie Partners are an absolute tonic to work with. They grasped our identity and our ambition from the outset, and have raised our profile from that of a small company that was mentioned as an aside, to putting us firmly in the mix with the insurance press. Potentially difficult conversations have always been easy, and I’m entirely confident in their ability to guide us as we grow.”
Lucy Card, Head of Engagement at Whitespace Software