Whitespace Platform granted “fully recognised” status with Lloyd’s ePlacing systems

Whitespace Platform granted “fully recognised” status with Lloyd’s ePlacing systems 150 150 Haggie Partners

Whitespace Platform is now one of only two systems authorised for unlimited use at Lloyd’s. The digital trading platform has been granted the status of “fully recognised” by Lloyd’s in its list of approved systems for the electronic placing mandate for managing agents.

The Whitespace Platform was launched at the end of August 2019 and brought its 100th customer on board earlier in July. With every risk placed on the platform starting its lifecycle as digital data, the platform is popular not just with London brokers and carriers but is also attracting strong interest across the global insurance market.

“The full recognition of our platform by Lloyd’s is the result of dedicated work by our team to ensure we have built technology that is not just intuitive to use and aesthetically pleasing, but is also scalable and serves the full requirements of the insurance industry,” said Marcus Broome, Chief Platform Officer. “Gaining this status within the first year of operations clearly shows the strength of our technology and the benefits to the market of trading risks on Whitespace”.

Grant Elliott, Business Development Manager, said: “In the current environment, we have seen the placing process put under the spotlight more than ever. Our ability to offer our customers an easy to use, data-driven and scalable product is what makes us attractive. In addition to the ever-increasing volume of risks being traded on Whitespace from London-based brokers and underwriters, we are delighted that markets in the US, Bermuda and Europe are also signing up to benefit from our platform.”