The hidden environmental impact of smartphones

The hidden environmental impact of smartphones 1920 1280 Gavin Warren

Mobile phone contracts are relatively short compared to the actual lifespan of a smartphone. Next time you’re due an upgrade, might you simply consider replacing the battery? You’ll not only save money but also help save the planet.

Like all objects your smartphone has a carbon footprint. That tiny device you hold between your hands has valuable elements that have been extracted from mines all over the planet. The process of building a smartphone is an environmental disaster as nearly all of them are made using irreplaceable elements. Extracting these materials destroys ecosystems and generates toxic by-products that leach into soil and water. This video tells you more.

With World Environment Day on 5 June in mind, we at Haggie Partners are committed to reuse or recycle all our smartphones and charge them only as needed.

Even keeping your smartphone for an extra year can have a considerable impact to your own carbon footprint. What will you do next time you think you need a new phone?

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