Taking our own advice

Taking our own advice 1920 1280 Michael Mattinson

Haggie Partners rebranded recently and since then – in amid a few compliments – some people have asked why. They’ve suggested that we’ve been a bit under the radar, which would indeed be ironic. Perhaps we had better explain…

Six months ago, we looked at the way we present ourselves to the world, and realised we weren’t taking our own advice.

Our branding should be a visual expression of what we stand for. It should be relevant, it should differentiate us and it should have impact. But we hadn’t looked at our branding for some time and it wasn’t really doing those things.

So we did what we tell others to do. We took an objective look at our business, our market, our goals and our idiosyncrasies. And we found a new way – a better way – to tell our story.

We hope you like our new logo, our imagery and our rallying cry. We believe they reflect our values: knowledge, creativity, integrity and excellence.

We aimed to look elegant and constant – perhaps a little restrained – but also inquisitive and inventive. But judge for yourselves.

Look at things differently.