Skuld celebrates 125 years of world-leading marine insurance with new visual identity

Skuld celebrates 125 years of world-leading marine insurance with new visual identity 150 150 Haggie Partners

Skuld, a world-leading marine insurance provider, is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a new visual identity. Established in 1897, Skuld has grown and developed over the past 125 years from a P&I Club for Scandinavian shipowners into the highly regarded and global marine insurer that it is today.

As one of the largest marine insurers, with 10 offices around the world, Skuld has become a leading voice on best practice within the industry, establishing itself over the years as a trusted authority in the marine market. As Skuld continues to attract new members, clients and future talent in the industry, its brand and visual identity has evolved as it embarks on the next 125 years as a leading global marine insurer.

Ståle Hansen, Skuld president and CEO said: “The overall strategy of Skuld is further growth, and the opportunities for Skuld are in ensuring that our members and clients are covered for today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Recent years have shown us how important it is to ensure health and safety for people, property, and planet, and for Skuld to provide appropriate risk reduction measures. The focus on sustainability and the journey towards zero carbon emission will continue to be one of our highest priorities in the years to come. So, considering our premier position in the industry, we have updated our branding to reflect more precisely who we are today.

“Skuld remains and will continue to be the solid assurance for our members and clients that we always have. Our purpose of protecting ocean industries, our vision and strong values remain the same. But at this time, it is also right to highlight our position as a world leading marine insurer, with second to none service, so we have taken this opportunity to modernise our branding and corporate identity and by this highlighting that our members and clients can rest assured with Skuld.”

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