One website to bind an insurance specialist

Only big insurance brokers can supply everything a client might need. Only small ones offer the personalised service they deserve. Hilb’s offering is the best of both. They partner with local entrepreneurial brokers who deliver an old-fashioned personal service.

To make sure we designed exactly what Hilb needed we interviewed 25 people from across the business; talking to people at the centre and, perhaps more importantly, talking to people doing the business in their far flung network of local firms. As with all our design projects, we wanted to understand what makes Hilb tick, what makes it different from – better than – its competitors.

The website is fully responsive and carefully optimised for every type of device, to ensure seamless usability no matter how it is viewed.

Hilb’s marketing team regularly make updates to their website so needed an intuitive and flexible CMS to manage content without support from Haggie Partners.

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