Microsites: Big things come in small packages

Microsites: Big things come in small packages 1920 1280 Michael Mattinson

During lockdown we’ve been spending a lot of our time building microsites*: first there were microsites to help people cope with dispersal; then there were sites to help people plan their return to EC3; and now we’re helping people with more outward facing sites.

But what’s so special about microsites? Why not simply add the information to your website? For a start, a microsite can emphasise a particularly important message. Compared with your website, a microsite is a focused, distraction-free presentation of an individual service. A microsite puts all vital details in one place so your audience can quickly and easily grasp a specific message.

What’s more, microsites provide depth of content. If you have a broad range of services, it can be difficult for your website to go very deeply into any given topic. Microsites remove this limitation and allow you to be as detailed as you want. The resulting depth of content feeds search engines and gives your brand the ability to engage targeted audiences with highly relevant content.

Microsites give marketing teams an inexpensive design model which allows them to work flexibly and efficiently. Lessons learned from your audience’s response to microsite campaigns can be adopted for your website, refreshing your primary public face.

Microsite are device friendly. We are in a “mobile first” age where Google prioritises mobile friendly content. A microsite is more likely to show up on Google because it is quick to load, self-contained and highly search engine optimised.

Building microsites will boost your SEO ranking and allow new audiences to find you online. Visitors unfamiliar with your business will find your microsite through organic search, referral links and social media. Links back to your primary website will invite visitors to learn more.

With clear focus and relevant information, a microsite can be deployed quickly, allowing marketing teams to achieve their goals and generate measurable results.

Finally, you can use microsites, with their ability to go into greater detail, to target an audience which has shown an interest in a particular area of your website or a particular aspect of your business.

If you’d like to know more or if you think we could help to design and build your own microsites, please get in touch.

* A microsite is a branded webpage or a group of webpages, separate from your primary website. They provide an alternative platform to drive your audience to take a specific action. Whilst a microsite will often follow your branding, they offer the flexibility to drive home a specific message.