Life ‘after’ lockdown

Life ‘after’ lockdown 1920 1280 Damian Beeley

So, there we have it, it’s nearly November, we’ve been back to ‘normal’ for two months now, and everything’s back to how it was. Really? Nonsense.

If normal means commuting, being in the office, going ‘out’ and wearing masks a little less often, then it is indeed normal. But for me, the changes have been fundamental, far-reaching, and I sincerely hope… permanent.

In no particular order, here’s my top 10 improvements in life as a result of the pandemic.

  1. I’ve spent more time with my wife and children than I’d ever imagined was feasible, and I recognise not just the joy, but also the importance of that, and I will cherish every opportunity henceforward.
  2. I can run four miles in less than 40 minutes. I’ve never really run before in my life, unless I was late, or drunk on a slope. It’s not the running I love, it’s the feeling afterwards. Champion.
  3. I have perfected, as far as possible, the TikTok dance routine to the opening segment of Blinding Lights by the Weeknd. This is a good thing, and weddings will now take on a new meaning for old farts like me.
  4. Telephone conversations with old friends simply because ‘it’s been a while’ are a treat and should always have happened much more frequently. They will now.
  5. I doff my cap to the power of technology in replicating as far as possible the importance of team interaction and virtual contact. Being with people again, especially in the office, is irreplaceable, but we now know, for sure, that working from home does not mean you’re hungover. That is a good thing.
  6. I’ve read more books in 18 months than in the previous 18 years. Books are wonderful, and if you love one book, read that author’s entire estate; it’s time so well spent.
  7. I’m smaller. Four stone down in lockdown, and six stone down since my worst in 2017. Never again. How? Simply, eat less and do more. And weigh yourself every day. Guilt is your greatest driver.
  8. It’s not over yet, but I’m hopeful the worst is over, and we got through it… together. Great friends have lost loved ones, and some friends are still ill. While this blog is about me, survival is not, and I’m still very happy to wear a mask and keep my distance if it makes someone else feel safer. That never needs to change.
  9. I’m a hugger. Hugging stopped for a long time, and I missed it. Now that it’s back – for some – I think we appreciate it even more.
  10. Nothing beats being with people – whoever they may be: family, friends, colleagues, cricket fans, fellow party goers at Mamma Mia The Party. Let’s never be apart again.

Stay safe out there and enjoy life after lockdown. I am.