Inov8ionLab launched to support London market transformation

Inov8ionLab launched to support London market transformation 150 150 Haggie Partners

Ecliptic, the dedicated technology business of LIMOSS* approved Advent Insurance Management, today announces the launch of Inov8ionLab, to support the London market in achieving its aspirations for transformational change.

Inov8ionLab, a collaborative space located at 24 Lime Street in the heart of the market, makes Ecliptic’s deep industry knowledge highly accessible, allowing London market business to quickly obtain the support they need to realise their ambitions through technological innovation. Further PHD and MBA-level expertise will be made available at Inov8ionLab in phase two in partnership with several universities.

Ecliptic and parent company Advent have a strong track record of quickly and cost effectively delivering change to London market businesses. The group also built and operates the LMA’s Expert Management & Settlement Platform GEMINI, which removes the lack of visibility, burden and cost associated with managing experts and the related claims expense for Lloyd’s managing agents and company carriers.

Paul Bermingham, managing director of Advent and CEO of Ecliptic said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of Inov8ionLab to deliver much-needed change for London market business far faster than traditional processes allow. Businesses can greatly benefit from easy access to LIMOSS-approved service and the enormous technological advances of recent years. Set in a relaxed, no obligation environment, Inov8ionLab is a problem-solving hub, custom built to enable London market businesses to realise their ambitions for transformational change.”

*LIMOSS – the Lloyd’s and London Market’s strategic sourcing and operating service