IncubEx acquires Insurwave

IncubEx acquires Insurwave 150 150 Haggie Partners

IncubEx, Inc. (“IncubEx”), a Chicago-based privately held company that designs and develops new financial products in global environmental, climate risk and related commodity markets, announces the acquisition of Insurwave Limited (“Insurwave”).

Insurwave is an insurtech platform that connects insurance buyers, brokers and insurers supporting the placement and servicing of specialty insurance. It was founded by Shackleton Holdings Limited (“Shackleton”), a wholly owned EY entity.

This acquisition enables IncubEx to deliver innovative environmental and sustainability products and technology solutions to the corporate risk and insurance markets. As a result of this transaction, Shackleton has become a minority shareholder in IncubEx, which is ideally placed to take Insurwave to its next stage of development.

Since its launch in 2018, Insurwave has established a significant presence in the global marine markets. Having demonstrated the value of its proven technology and achieved significant adoption, Insurwave now plans to expand across other major geographies and lines of business, including property, liability and energy as part of IncubEx.

IncubEx works with its partners to deliver products and services that promote price discovery and transparency, access to markets and data and transactional efficiencies in environmental markets globally – Insurwave expands on this approach to the insurance sector. Insurwave has identified key areas where access to information and data can be improved and has created transformational efficiencies for its customers through its technology platform in bridging these gaps.

Neil Eckert, Chairman of IncubEx, commented: “Our view is that insurance and climate risk are becoming inextricably linked. The sector will continue to see expanding opportunities as a result of climate change with increasingly complex supply chain risks in the corporate and captive markets. Our clients will need solutions to manage their transition to net zero across insurance and financial markets and it is critical that we provide the technology to focus on connecting them with brokers and the markets.”

Rodney Bonnard, Director of Shackleton and Partner at Ernst & Young LLP, said: “We are delighted to have invested in and supported Insurwave on this journey, enabling its transition to a standalone business. Given the strategic alignment, it’s the perfect time for Insurwave to develop further as part of IncubEx and we extend best wishes for future success.”

Michael MacGregor, CEO of IncubEx, confirmed the importance of this move into the insurance sector: “IncubEx has historically focused on bringing innovative products and solutions to the environmental markets. With the acquisition of Insurwave, we add proven technology that addresses a customer base that is increasingly in need of new products and services that digitize information, improve data access and streamline transaction processes. We are eager to unlock the potential of the Insurwave platform alongside IncubEx’s core focus on global environmental and climate risk market opportunities.”

David Power, CEO of Insurwave, said: “Large scale insurance buyers are demanding technology that provides a simple and transparent solution for understanding their exposures and connecting with their insurance markets. Clients require platforms that openly integrate with internal systems and external data. We are excited to see a genuine transformation for insurance buyers, brokers and insurers by embracing the Insurwave platform that connects to their exposures, contracts and markets today.”

Shaun Crawford, Chairman of Insurwave commented: “This is a critical time for innovators and major brands to combine and deliver solutions for industries. I’m very proud of the Insurwave story over the past few years and excited by the market opportunity now being opened up by IncubEx with its ESG credentials. The combination of IncubEx and Insurwave will focus on the specialty and corporate insurance market which has so far been slow in adopting technology.”

The terms of the transaction remain undisclosed.