How will COVID-19 impact internal communications strategies?

How will COVID-19 impact internal communications strategies? 1940 1280 Caroline Klein

Haggie Partners recently commissioned FindOutNow to survey financial services professionals with the question, “Do you think your firm will need to change its internal staff communications strategy as a result of the covid19 pandemic?”

Out of the 200 participants:

  • 70% of respondents believe the strategy will need to change;
  • 21.5% of respondents think it will need to change “a lot”

How can firms respond to this?  Working patterns may change permanently following this pandemic and that means that you need to consider how you will communicate with staff to ensure that no one is left behind. You will most likely need to consider issues such as:

Clarity of purpose from management,
Clarity in communicating expectations, plans and approach,
Openness to feedback,
Empathy towards staff concerns.

Our recent webinar and podcast talked about the challenges posed to businesses by a potential return to the office in the coming months, and the role that communicators can play in supporting this transition.  Do have a listen and get in touch if you have any questions.

Our design team has also been helping clients with elements such as surveys, social distancing signage, newsletters, infographics.

Most important is the option of establishing a central hub; a depository for everything your colleagues will need for a safe return to their workplace. We have helped businesses build web-based hubs for lockdown; we can do the same for your return.