Government turns ‘blind eye’ to unsecure data says world’s first tracing solution

Government turns ‘blind eye’ to unsecure data says world’s first tracing solution 150 150 Haggie Partners

Government Ministers are turning a ‘blind eye’ to technology industry warnings and still operating the NHS app on an unsecured QR code, according to the world’s first secure tracing solution.

The NHS app which is operated by NHSx utilises an unsecured standard QR code, which has already led to multiple incidents of Covid certificates being screenshotted and falsified to gain entry both to countries and venues. This dangerous oversight risks further spreading of coronavirus and more variants entering and leaving the UK.

Match Fit Pass, a brand new app, is the world’s first and only ultra-secure ticketing, testing & tracing solution using secure QR code technology. It is teamed with industry-leading biometric identification software through an agreement with Denso Wave (a subsidiary of Toyota) to operate their patented secure QR code (SQRC®) and is the only company in the world with the rights to operate this secure QR code.

Michael Dodd, founder of Match Fit Pass, commented:

‘We have offered this new app as a solution to the UK Government & NHS, and explained the industry’s serious concerns over data security, but they have decided that testing and vaccine information does not need to be securely linked to each user. This is in our view short sighted.’

‘The current NHS app is notably lacking in data security, and people are rightly concerned about how their personal data is being stored and handled. Our key USP is the level of data security we can offer to users. With former Prime Minister Tony Blair underlining on the Andrew Marr programme that it is unwise to ignore the importance of biometric technology, it is right to ask the government why its systems are not fit for purpose?’

‘Whilst airports, stadiums and venues across the country struggle to find a balance between public health protection & operational efficiency in the wake of the pandemic, it is surprising that the government are ploughing ahead. We currently have a fully operational system that will mean only verified partners can load documents onto our system, which automatically prevents any future false documentation being loaded as our application biometrically secures the account to the individual.’

‘Biometrics have the potential to transform an array of sectors including public health, counterterrorism, travel & live events. Covid will continue to rise with people travelling on false documentation’.