Favourite brands?

Favourite brands? 1920 1280 Michael Mattinson

When we start a design project – particularly a branding project – we want to know as much about the client as possible. The more we learn, the more relevant our work will be.

We ask lots of questions. We want to hear about their values, their methods and their peculiarities. Most of all, we want to know what makes them distinctive – what makes them stand out from their peers. A seemingly insignificant detail of their working lives can provide the spark we need.

But we also want to learn about their individual perceptions and predilections, so we habitually discuss more esoteric matters. Talking about their favourite brands often stimulates debate. Every once in while, a client will turn the tables and ask about my own favourites. Having managed design projects for more than 30 years, you’d think I’d anticipate this eventuality, but I’m always caught off guard so the brands I stammer out must have a firm grip on my subconsciousness. Two perennials are Leica and Paul Smith.

Imagine my excitement when I learnt of Sir Paul’s collaboration with the acclaimed camera manufacturer – “adding colourful British eccentricity to a precision piece of German technology”.

It’s a pity the result looks like the unfortunate offspring of a one-night stand between a 1970s Kodak Instamatic and a Duplo brick. Judge for yourselves.