Damian Beeley reflects… An ode to change

Damian Beeley reflects… An ode to change 1920 1280 Damian Beeley

EC3 is not what it was
And that is largely because
Felt but not seen
Wreaked havoc.

Leadenhall Market held tight
Joining us all in the fight
But at what cost
To this pandemic host?
Now it struggles from darkness to light.

Bishopsgate bears all the signs
Of retail hit by decline
Shops closed down
Like a ghost town
(While Boris jokes about fines).

Bars that are sadly no more
Caught up in this lockdown war
Beer taps dry
As landlords cry
With no dregs to mop up off the floor.

Ede & Ravenscroft gone
And not the only one
Tailors for whom?
Alone in their room
With Teams fancy-dress for fun.

It really does sound rather bleak
Two years of a pandemic peak
But move on we must
And arise from the dust
To embrace the new working week.

So join me today in hope
Stay close, together we’ll cope.
‘Keep your distance’? Perlease
I’ll see you in Cheese
In my suit on a Friday… Is the Pope…