Communicating with employees during the COVID-19 outbreak

Communicating with employees during the COVID-19 outbreak 1920 1280 Michael Mattinson

“I was extremely impressed with the recent microsite that Haggie Partners designed and built for us.”

The COVID-19 outbreak is putting pressure on businesses like nothing we’ve experienced in modern times. During this challenging time employees need regular updates and guidance to help them work effectively from home and to offer support to protect their health and wellbeing.

Effective communication provides valuable reassurance to employees about the changing situation, reassures them that their company is mindful of their concerns and motivates them to contribute to a shared success. No matter the size of the business, employers can promote a trusting relationship with their employees through timely and accurate communication.

We’re three weeks into the lockdown so you’ll already be familiar with video conferencing, WhatsApp and private LinkedIn groups and enhanced intranet services. But it looks like we’ve got another few weeks to endure so you might want to consider a better way to keep your colleagues more fully informed. And even when the lockdown is relaxed, it is likely our working practices will be changed forever with much more reliance on remote cooperation.

We have built specific WFH online hubs for a number of clients. These offer real-time guidance on areas such as IT, working remotely, health and well-being, useful contacts and links to the latest COVID-19 information. Communication is two-way and employees have a voice. A secure platform where you can listen to their concerns delivers benefits to both them and to your business.

Your employees will appreciate the information and support.

Here’s what one client, a top five insurer at Lloyd’s, has to say: “I was extremely impressed with the recent microsite that Haggie Partners designed and built for us during our emergency business continuity planning. They managed to turn this around very quickly and to a very high standard – we have received fantastic feedback from both senior management and our staff. It’s not only user friendly and intuitive but also has a slick and professional design. The Haggie team has been helping us to keep this updated over the last few weeks, which has involved going above and beyond on occasion to ensure that deadlines are met. Overall, we are very happy with the work produced and with the service provided.”

If you think a dedicated COVID-19 hub could benefit your business and encourage your team, we can help.