Argenta adopts Moody’s ESG Insurance Underwriting Solution

Argenta adopts Moody’s ESG Insurance Underwriting Solution 150 150 Haggie Partners

Argenta Syndicate Management Limited (“ASML”), a subsidiary of Argenta Holdings Limited, today announces that it has selected Moody’s ESG insurance underwriting solution. In line with its sustainability commitments to become a net zero business across operations, products and investments, Argenta will leverage Moody’s advanced name-matching algorithms and comprehensive sustainability and financial data to assess carbon emissions and other ESG-related risks and opportunities in its underwriting and investment portfolio.

Nick Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Argenta Holdings Limited, said: “Identifying, analysing and integrating information about ESG risks and opportunities enhances our ability to make better underwriting and investment decisions, and pursue better outcomes for our clients and partners. Through Moody’s leading solution, we will be strongly positioned to navigate current and future sustainability challenges by ensuring our people and partners understand how we can all make a difference. We look forward to working with Moody’s across our underwriting and investment portfolio decision-making processes.”

Paul McCarney, Senior Director – Product Strategy at Moody’s Analytics, said: “Insurers face a myriad of challenges from the physical effects of climate change, the transition to a low-carbon economy and other sustainability issues. We are delighted that Argenta will leverage the full breadth and depth of our ESG, climate and financial data, models and analytics to decode risks and unlock opportunities in their underwriting and investment portfolio.”