A Global effort to counter the global threat of terrorism

A Global effort to counter the global threat of terrorism 150 150 Haggie Partners

International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)Insurance Pools (IFTRIP) holds annual conference in Brussels this week.

This year’s conference is set to be the largest gathering of international terrorism reinsurance pools, insurers, reinsurers, academics and thought leaders in the industry. Playing host to close to 200 attendees and providing the ideal occasion for greater international cooperation in this sector, attendees will have an opportunity to network and gain exclusive insight into the latest threats as well as valuable information to help mitigate the risks of terrorism.

Terrorism, and its effects, are a growing threat worldwide that demand a concerted global response from (re)insurance markets and governments. The level of knowledge and risk management developed in national terrorism pools and schemes can form a vital part of this response.

Julian Enoizi, CEO of Pool Re, said: “IFTRIP is a valuable forum where members can share expertise and experience to help combat the threat of potential major economic loss resulting from terrorism. In particular, the conference, by bringing together so many attendees from diverse homelands, each facing their own separate but similar threats, provides a very useful forum for learning lessons and sharing expertise with each other.”

The topics being discussed at the conference will range from technology and modelling through to cat bonds, cyber, radicalisation and victim compensation.

It is being held in Brussels on Thursday 10thOctober.