Moving the sustainability needle

There has never been so much pressure on businesses to set and achieve sustainability goals, and to embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies.

Haggie Partners will help you to navigate all the complexities of this process and to work with you on the development of your sustainability (ESG) key messages and put them at the heart of your communications.

Whether you currently work in the global insurance or reinsurance sector we will discuss your ESG/sustainability messaging, and we will assess how your record stands up to the rigour and scrutiny of your key audiences.

Haggie Partners calls this process ‘moving the needle’:

  • Auditing your communications messaging on sustainability/ESG
  • Benchmarking your sustainability/ESG messaging against competitors
  • Analysing the gaps in your messaging, with a focus on proof points
  • Networking and introductions to key sustainability/ESG media
  • Identifying spokespeople on sustainability/ESG related topics
  • Formulating sustainability/ESG case studies to highlight your record
  • ESG media kit for spokespeople: messaging, case studies, media contacts
  • Design support to build new and compelling ways to tell your story
  • Promotion sustainability/ESG through social media
  • Collation of thought-leadership themes